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It all started with an underserved industry that was in desperate need of a visionary. A person who could bring the exotic entertainment industry together with all of their needs and desires under one roof. Pleasure Zone was created like a beacon of light in the dark through years of dedication and constant innovation. Always ever changing and fast paced the boutique created what would become the gold standard. Selling every need, from provocative and limit pushing fashion designs to top of the line luxury novelties the store always broke barriers. At the helm of this innovation, Michelle Melcher took years of industry knowledge along with dedicated research and development to build the engine that would become more than just a notable brand. She created a lifestyle.
Some follow the trends produced, Michelle refuted the theory by creating the movement. With her knowledge and creativity she brought a market place for those in every corner of Exotic Entertainment to migrate and be able to embody whichever fantasy they wanted to live. Going strong since 2000, Pleasure Zone is still innovating the field to bring only the best, not just to Houston but to the World. Come live your own fantasy today through the gilded doors of Pleasure Zone.


What We Do

Here at Pleasure Zone we have a simple focus: to be an oasis for women of all shapes and sizes to feel free & express their inner Fantasies. Creating a market with the latest trends in lingerie, exotic wear, costumes, shoes, and novelties our boutique allows our customers to steal the spotlight at any event or in the privacy of their own home. Through dedicated research we are proud to bring our catalogue of wares to the international stage.
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